Special Items

  • Custom made wedding rings available.

  • Opal, the most beautiful and magical of all the gemstones.

  • Perfect your punctuality and add to your allure with a wide array of our watches.

  • Meandros (Greka) neckless, pure hand made fine art.

Why Choose Us

  • Trustworthy

    We take great pride in the fact that our sales each year are to customers who have bought jewellery from us previously. We are proud of the trust and satisfaction this shows.

  • Quality

    High quality jewellery can only be created from the finest of precious stones and the purest metal. The suppliers we have chosen know that we will only accept the very best. From first class raw materials we are able to design and make unique and beautiful jewellery that fulfills our commitment to always provide the very highest quality.

  • After Sales Service

    We are confident that the high quality of our products will provide good service, but we are aware that modern lifestyles can damage delicate items. If you need our aftersales service we will make no charge for our labour costs, during the item's expected lifetime. Further proof of our commitment to ensuring our customers are satisfied.